How does anti-counterfeiting work

Applying the Tag is just the first step. We offer our IT-platform Autentico NFC, complete with NFC Tag Application Service, Autentico's app and a Reserved Area to manage your own production.

Nfc Tag Application

The Tag application requires some time. Find out more about the process involving our Insert Label Machine.

The Talking Label

The NFC Tag will allow your label to talk about your product in an authentic way

App autentico nfc

Your customer will be able to verify your product's authenticity with the free Autentico NFC App

NFC Tracking

The producer ca verify where the location of your tagged products have been done

An efficient Reserved Area

You can manage your own product and view the related geo-referenced information

Data Base Cloud

Each customer has its own database to manage millions of NFC Tags in a private area

No Internet connection?

Autentico NFC identifies an original product even without an internet connection.

Autentico VS QR code

Find out why Autentico outdoes other anti-counterfeiting technologies such as QR-codes or holograms

Protecting wine

Are you a winery or an oilmill? Try out Autentico NFC on your bottles of wine and olive oil, we will apply Tags on their current labels with the Insert Label Machine. The offer includes the TAG reading app and the control app with the possibility to manage your distributors.

  • NFC Tag application service included
  • From 500 up to millions of bottles
  • Data storage up to 50 years
  • No change in your production chain
  • Control app to manage distributors
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  • Protecting wine
  • Fashion

    We have NFC Tags for each type of high fashion products: bags, shirts, shoes, suits. Change your production and make your products unique. Allow your customers to verify your authenticity and elaborate a new marketing strategy.

    • Washable NFC Tags
    • for each company
    • From 10 up to millions of products
    • Reserved Area to manage distributors
    • Personalizable app for producers
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  • Fashion
  • Handicrafts and artworks

    If you want to protect your work and guarantee your customers the authenticity of your handicraft, use our anti-counterfeiting system. You will be able to insert in the Tag your production and authenticity data, and much more.

    • Whatever material is used
    • we have a suitable Tag
    • From wood to bronze material
    • Canvas protection without affecting the artwork
    • Digital signature on the Tag
    • Personalizable app for producers
    • Geolocalization of tagged artworks
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  • Handicrafts and artworks
  • Autentico's advantages

    We can offer a complete solution, from the NFC Tag application to the Reserved Area where you will be able to manage your distributors and product sheets. Autentico NFC is not just an anticounterfeiting system, but also a business tool.

    • The product will be univocally identified and impossible to counterfeit
    • Free App for the customer
    • Reserved Area
    • where to manage products sheets and distributors
    • Costs vary on the base of the number of products to be tagged
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  • Autentico's advantages
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      One cost for item, no entry fee

      Up to 5 items
      $0,00 /Free Kit
      Up to 10000 items
      $0,35 /for item
      Up to 50000 items
      $0,29 /for item
      Up to 100000 items
      $0,25 /for item

      Example for wine bottles or oil bottles, with tag application service included and management for three years

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